Naughty or Nice: Spring Break

Santa's hitting the beach in this new heavy-paying slot. While the sun is excellent and the water is refreshing, Santa's going to the beach for the same reason all guys do: for the girls. The lovely blonde and the naughty brunette are equally enticing as they blow kisses and shake their stuff. Santa's top is off, and helpful dolphins are removing the ladies' bikinis, as well. They're all just waiting for you to hit the Spin button and start making it rain.

About Naughty or Nice: Spring Break

Santa wanted to do something wild, and so he went on a spring break in sunny Florida. It may seem like an outrageous notion, but this is the same theme of the slot machine Naughty or Nice Spring Break by RTG. Realtime Gaming specializes in slots, and Naughty or Nice Spring Break is one of the latest slot games. It's a slot game with five reels and three rows with 30 paylines in total. That essentially means that the game doesn't stray too far from the classic RTG slot type.

Theme & Story

Beware of the livid Mrs. Claus, who has found her beloved husband with a babe on each arm. It's hard to do the admirable thing when Mrs. Claus wields a rolling pin and the beach babes wielding daiquiris. But, no matter whether Santa is sleeping in the doghouse tonight or the beach villa, you'll be bringing home Christmas presents full of cash in this steamy new slot from Realtime Gaming.


The game has a standard 5 x 3 reel grid, and you'll be collecting coins for daiquiris and cute dolphins, but the real coins come rolling in when you deter the lifeguards away from Santa's babes. So steer Mrs. Claus away from the evil for 1,250 coins or 1,500 coins if you keep Santa from getting caught red-handed.

Bonus Feature

The Naughty or Nice symbols unlock the bonus feature, and you can open the bonus feature simply for playing an extra bet. Without the additional chance, you can play for as little as $0.10; however, adding it can increase your stake up to $7.50 a spin. When you add the extra chance, you get to a bonus feature in under 250 spins. And that's when the real fun begins. Things heat up when you trigger the bonus feature in this already erotic game. Our lovely ladies, Naughty and Nice, finally get to take up the whole screen so you can marvel at their beauty. Choose a girl and see exactly how many free games, prize multipliers, and cold, hard cash she gives you. So whether you like the tatted-up Naughty or the sweet and sensual Nice, you'll be winning either way.

Bonus Naughty Game

No beautiful woman likes to be inside all day, so take these lovely ladies, Santa, and even your dolphin friend out on the town, as this spicy new slot is available on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Turn your laptop into a lap dance, as these gorgeous women will talk Santa into stuffing your stockings with multiplied winnings, even if you haven't been so lovely this year.

How to Play Naughty or Nice

Going on vacation is fun; however, packing can take forever. Thankfully, Naughty or Nice doesn't take much planning. All you need is to make your bet and line selections. You can pay between $0.01 per payline and $5 per line, and you can play between one payline and all 30. You can access the up and down arrows to make selections, then press the Spin button to get the reels to move and the Naughty or Nice pretty girls dancing on the beach. You get payouts with the symbols you've lined up and their value. For example, if you land on three Naughty or Nice symbols, you'll get to play the unique bonus feature. You can choose the Naughty Girl or the Nice girl to play one of two bonus rounds where up to twelve free games could be yours. Of course, you might play with one payline, especially if you attempt to conserve your money for your next holiday. While that is a great idea, we recommend lowering your bet amount instead. By reducing your bet amount but keeping your line selections at 30 paylines, you can wager less without missing on hitting matching identical symbols on a payline. Remember, if you do not play on a payline, but characters show up, you won't win.

How to Win Naughty or Nice: Spring Break

The best experience you can gain with this game is playing Naughty, or Nice Spring Break for real money. In such a case, be aware of the side bet option, and if you use the side bet, you're guaranteed to activate the bonus games, but if you aren't careful, you may get overzealous and lose a lot more money than you would win at Naughty or Nice Spring Break slot machine. Naughty and Nice Girls are Wild icons, and Naughty or Nice is a Scatter icon that triggers a unique pick feature requiring selecting a girl. The first is the naughty one, holding a whip, and the second is the nice one, having some feathers. If you get a number of the symbols, you activate the bonus round game. You can pick between the naughty or the lovely girls, reaching ten to twelve free spins in the process with additional bonuses.

Play for Free or Real Money

It would help if you also considered playing the Naughty or Nice Spring Break online slot for free. To do this, you can find an online demo version of the game. However, you won't win any real money if you play the demo version to play this version for fun only.

Betting Options

You can do several things if they strive to play Naughty Or Nice Spring Break at an online casino. The first thing is to select the size of your bet. The second is to choose the number of paylines to bet on, one to 30. Finally, you can pick a particular option to place a side bet. The side bet guarantees that you will get to activate a feature within a given number of spins. That essentially cranks up the excitement as now it becomes a battle to start the part as soon you can win more than you would lose. Finally, there is the real money version available in many casinos on the internet; search, and you will find one. That version offers the best experience to the player, where they can win or lose real money.


Naughty or Nice brings the seductive girls into a new world of beach fun. They're dressed in bikinis and getting ready to dive into an ocean of rewards. The crazy slot game features 5-reels, 30 paylines, and a top award of 48,000x your bet per line. And the bikini-clad Naughty and Nice girls are not only eye-candy. They lead to the type of rewards you will drool over, including big payouts and the chance to play. Are you ready to access the bonus rounds where the fun never ends? Are you ready to hang out with the sexy, Naughty, or Nice ladies? Join them on the beach now and splash yourself with winnings and riches. Santa and Mrs. Claus are there, so don't forget to behave yourself.