Bonkers Slots

Bonkers is a 3-reel, one payline progressive slot machine by Real-Time Gaming. It includes re-spins that will help you achieve the winning jackpot.

About Bonkers

Bonkers slots by RTG have a bright neon light Bonkers sign at the top of your reel grid and the traditional, classic look many of the classics offer for images. That's what many players like in a slot machine design. We would describe Bonkers as a classic slot game, as it looks like an old-fashioned one-armed bandit slot machine that you find in a typical online casino. The game icons have kept with the classic theme and include the Bonkers logo, Red Sevens, Red Triple Bars, Yellow, and Gold Double Bars, Purple Singular Bars, and Blue Any Bar symbols. The thing that is out of this world bonkers about the game is the music, which is so random that we believe most players will choose to mute it after five minutes of play.

Theme & Design

All RTG classics are like real slot machines, and Bonkers is no different. It offers an authentic one-arm bandit-styled design, and when you spin the reel grid of this classic slot, it sounds like you choose to click the arm for a few pulls.

Symbols & Paytable

You can choose to use the standard game buttons; however, taking a few pulls with the actual arm is fun. The symbols include the Bonkers logo, single, double, triple bard, and the Red Sevens. The highest winning symbol on the Bonkers slot machine is the Red Sevens symbol. If you hit three Red Sevens on the single center payline, you will win the 1,200 coin top jackpot. With one or two coins, you'll win a decent 200 or 400 coins for the same winning combination.

Betting Options

Like a modern video slot, you can choose the size wager they would like to play on one pay line. You can amend the bets by selecting your coin sizes, including $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1, and $5. You can decide how many coins to place on your line from one to three. That allows plenty of different options for putting wagers, as they can spend between $0.05 and $15 a spin. The minimum coin is $0.05, and the largest is $5. It will let you wager as many as three coins, and this is important to do as without playing three coins, you cannot win the progressive jackpot. Of course, you can win the progressive jackpot with any coin size, which is another attractive aspect of this game.

Bonus Features

Bonkers has a theme similar to a classic slot machine, so there aren't as many features as you'll see on a more modern video slot game. However, that leaves you the chance to pick up various win multipliers by matching three of the same symbols in the game. When playing, the two symbols you will want to keep your fingers and toes crossed are their Red Seven and Bonkers Game Logo icons. If you can get three Red Sevens on the winning payline, you'll walk away with a winning multiplier of up to 1,200x your stake. The multiplier you can win depends upon how many coins you decide to place on the pay line. For example, you'll need to bet all three coins to win the 1,200x multiplier.

Bonkers Logo Free Spins & ReSpins

The Bonkers Game Logo gives you a chance to win some free spins on the slot game. You'll need to get two or three Bonkers symbols on your screen, and you will receive three or ten free spins, respectively. Unfortunately, the feature cannot re-trigger, and it ends if you win the Red Seven multiplier. The re-spins will trigger when three Bonkers symbols stop on the payline. When two of these stop on the payline, you win three re-spins. Ten re-spins will be your reward if you find three across the payline. The re-spin feature cannot be re-triggered, unfortunately.

Progressive Jackpot & Round-Up

If you want a chance to hit the progressive jackpot, you will need to line up three red Sevens. If playing two coins, you'll win 400 coins, and one coin pays you 200 coins for three red Sevens. To win the top Bonkers slot machine jackpot, you need to line up three red sevens. The next highest pay is for the three triple bars, which pay 240 coins. That provides you with wins for three double bar icons and three single bar icons at 90 and 45 winning coins. They can change depending on the casino, and the Bonkers logos make up the three most minor payouts, and they are the key to your bonus features. Get two Bonkers symbols on the pay line, and you win three free spins. Get three Bonkers characters on the payline, and you'll win ten free spins. The great thing is that each spin is a guaranteed winner. That essentially means if you hit the three free spins, you are guaranteed to get at least a nine coin win, and if you hit the ten free games, you are guaranteed a 30 coin win. You can gain much bigger winning payouts, but they are the minimum ones. The free spins cannot re-trigger, even if you get two or three-game logos. It is good to see something different, and the free spins on a classic-style slot are rare. If you're a classic slot machine fan, this game is worth checking out if you want some winning fun.